Megan, as the Chief Creative Officer of POE Global, offers comprehensive services to give you the tools to take any creative project, at any stage of development, from ideation to creation. Whether you're a lone creator needing guidance over coffee, to a multi-national in a boardroom, POE Global will work with you to execute the next great idea. 

Don't let your great ideas languish- get the help you need to unleash your creativity.   

Photo by SergeyNivens/iStock / Getty Images

Creative Development Strategy 

If you have a creative project waiting to get out into the world- don't let it sit on a shelf. POE Global can take your stage, screen, or print project to the next level. 

Script and story editing, strategy consultation, pitch package creation, creative team member research, or effective strategies to get you writing / composing / creating.  


Executive Production and Project Management

If your project is ready to take the next step towards production, and you need someone to do the heavy and not-so-heavy lifting, POE Global is there. 

We can accommodate clients in any number of ways-- whether you simply need to talk through your coming strategy, to budget creation and evaluation, to full-service executive production services for your stage, screen, print, or new technology. 


Video Production   

90 second digital video, 10 episode web series, full length feature? 

Yes, we can do that.